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Keokuk Junction Railway Co.

The Keokuk Junction Railway Co. (KJRY),a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, operates 114 miles from Peoria, Illinois to Keokuk, Iowa, and 12 miles of track from LaHarpe
to Lomax, Illinois and was assigned trackage rights from Lomax, Illinois
to Ft. Madison, Iowa, a distance of approximately 15.5 miles over the BNSF, allowing the KJRY to interchange traffic with the UP. The railroad's principal commodities are corn, corn germ, corn syrup, meal, gluten feed, and railroad wheels.

Detailed Operations Map:
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Peoria, IL; Keokuk, IA; Burlington, IA; Quincy, IL – Central/West Central IL

Miles of Track Operated:

Location of Offices:
100 Mississippi Drive
Keokuk, Iowa, 56232

Stations Served:
East Peoria, IL
Peoria, IL
Iowa Junction (IL)
Collier Yard (IL)
Hollis (IL)
Sommer (IL)
Kolbe (IL)
Mapleton, IL
Glasford, IL
Breeds, IL
Rawalts, IL
Canton, IL
Cuba, IL
Smithfield, IL
Seville, IL
Marietta, IL
New Philadelphia, IL
Blair Junction (IL)
Bushnell, IL
Good Hope, IL
Sciota, IL
Blandinsville, IL
La Harpe, IL
Lomax, IL
Disco, IL
Fort Madison, IA
La Crosse, IL
Burnside, IL
Ferris, IL
McCall, IL
Elvaston, IL
Tabers, IL
Hamilton, IL
Warsaw, IL
Keokuk, IA

Railroad Type:
Interline Carrier

Connecting Railroads:
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (Keokuk, IA and Peoria, IL)
Union Pacific Railroad (Fort Madison, IA and Peoria, IL)
Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway (Hollis, IL)
Tazewell & Peoria RR (Peoria, IL)
Canadian National Railway (Peoria, IL)
Northfolk Southern Railroad (Peoria, IL)
Iowa Interstate Railroad (Peoria, IL)
Illinois & Midland Railroad (Peoria, IL)
Pioneer Industrial Railway (Peoria, IL)

Stand by Switch Engine Service Available:

Load Capacity of Track:
263,000 lbs - Total Weight On Rail

Overhead Clearance:
Contact Customer Service Center for Clearance on Oversized Loads

Team Track Facilities:

Additional Services
Railcar storage
Storage in transit loads/empties
Long term storage loads/empties
Short term storage loads/empties
Industrial site placement assistance

Key Contacts

Storage/ Purchasing/ Emergencies:
Shane Cullen,
V.P. of Mechanical & Operations

Tom Black,
V.P. of Safety & Transportation

Pricing/ Business Development/ General Inquiry:
Dale Montgomery,
V.P. Marketing and Business Development

Governmental Affairs:
Nathan Johns,
V.P. Government Affairs

Customer Service:
Angela Ibbotson,

Real Estate/ Right of Way/ Utilities:
Frank May,
V.P. of Real Estate

Accounting Office
1318 S. Johanson Rd.
Peoria, IL 61607
(309) 697 - 1400

Tariffs & Documentation

Demurrage Tariff KJRY6007-G

Storage Tariff KJRY8998

Misc. Charges
Tariff KJRY8000

Misc. Charges
Tariff KJRY8999

Fuel Surcharge Tariff KJRY9003

Flagging Tariff KJRY9010

Inspection Tariff KJRY9050

Right of Entry Tariff

Parking Tariff

Right of Entry Procedure Packet

Right of Entry
Permit Forms